The Selection

For thirty-five girls, “Selection” is the chance of a lifetime. In a future in which the United States gave place to the American State of China, and more recently, Illéa, a young country with a caste society, the competition that gathers girls between the ages of sixteen and twenty from all parties to decide who will marry With the prince is the opportunity to escape from a reality imposed on them still in the cradle. It’s the chance to be drawn from a world of reduced possibilities to a world of dazzling dresses and valuable jewels. From living in a palace, conquering the heart of the beautiful prince Maxon and one day being the queen. For America Singer, however, an artist of the Five caste, being among the Selected is a nightmare. It means leaving behind Aspen, the boy who really loves and who is a caste below it. It means abandoning your family and your home to enter into a fierce contest for a crown she does not want. And live in a palace under the constant threat of rebellious attacks. Then America personally meets the prince. Kind, polite, funny and very, very charming, Maxon is nothing to be expected. They form an alliance, and little by little America begins to reflect on everything she had planned for herself-and realizes that the life with which she has always dreamed is perhaps nothing compared to the future she had never dared to imagine.

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