Resident Evil: Vendetta

Chris Redfield, of the anti-bioterrorist organization B.S.A.A., based on some information, invades a mansion that was the basis of an arms trafficking organization. During the investigation Chris confronts Glenn Alias, an internationally wanted criminal. He ends up witnessing an unbelievable scene and Alias ​​manages to escape. Meanwhile, Rebecca Chambers, a former member of Raccoon City Police Special Forces, S.T.A.R.S., is currently a university professor and is conducting a search for a mysterious incident involving the resurrection of the dead. According to Rebecca’s research, there is a new type of virus involved and her efforts to uncover the truth have led her to develop a cure. Then a mysterious person invades his laboratory and Rebecca suffers an attempted murder, but is saved by Chris and B.S.A.A. After the attack, Chris and Rebecca turn to US government agent Leon S. Kennedy for his knowledge of this type of incident. Chris and Leon meet again and they both believe that Alias’s motivation is bioterrorism. Next to Rebecca, they go to New York to stop Arias and save humanity.

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