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Divinas Divas

Divinas Divas addresses the first generation of transvestite artists in Brazil. Rogéria, Valéria, Jane Di Castro, Camille K, Fujica de Holliday, Eloína, Marquesa and Brigitte de Búzios formed in the 1970s the group that witnessed the pinnacle of a Cinelandia 02 full of cinemas and theaters, a scenario of contestation and provocation Customs of the time. One of the first stages to house transvestites in Brazil, the Teatro Rival was then produced by Américo Leal, grandfather of Leandra Leal, director of the documentary. The film will accompany the reunion of the artists to the assembly of a spectacle, bringing to the scene the stories and memories of a generation
Which revolutionized sexual behavior and challenged the morals of an era.

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