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A Rose For Christmas

Andy (Boston) is a passionate and talented artist whose Pasadena family has built floats for Rose Parade for generations. But when his father gets sick and can not lead this year’s efforts as usual, Andy has no choice but to take the helm and oversee the construction and decoration of a client’s allegory car over Christmas, and he has only a few weeks left . And to make matters worse, she’s overwhelmed with the extra challenge of dealing with Cliff, a picky businessman whose company made the order. Forced to work together, these two can not avoid the collision – she’s a creative type who knows this flower-covered process, from the inside out, while he’s super business-oriented, no time for art. But working side by side over Christmas, they learn that the other is not what it seems and together, with a disorganized team of volunteers, they can only have what it takes to create a magnificent Rose Parade-style allegory car … If they To pull it together for the New Year.

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